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A complete traditional Karate uniform or Tae Kwon Do uniform consists of a jacket, pants and a belt. Uniforms typically include a standard white belt; however, as one moves up in rank, he/she will earn different colored belts. There are many different qualities of uniforms. Beginning practitioners commonly start with the lightweight uniforms. Lightweight uniforms are light, thin and provide lots of ventilation which will help keep him/her cool throughout training. Lightweight uniforms are most commonly made from a cotton and polyester blended fabric. More advanced practitioners can upgrade to a heavier and thicker uniform. The heavier uniforms are typically made of 100% cotton and provides greater durability. While the Karate uniform has an open cross over jacket style top, the Taek Won Do uniform has a V-neck pullover top. The pants for the Karate uniforms and Tae Kwon Do uniforms are the same. Uniforms should fit loosely to allow the practitioner enough room for easy movement and agility but not so loose that it will get in the way.

A traditional set of Kung Fu uniform consists of a frog button jacket and pants. The buttons and trims can vary in color. For example, a black Kung Fu uniform can have red, white, or black buttons and trimmings. The pants are elastic waist and also have an elastic band at the ankle. If one wishes, he/she can tie a Kung Fu sash of his/her choice of color to adorn the uniform. The sashes come in various colors such as white, red yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown and black. Kung Fu uniforms are typically lightweight or medium weight.

Ju Do uniforms come in two basic qualities: single weave and double weave. The double weave Ju Do uniforms are for more advanced practitioners because the tighter weave in the cloth itself provides a greater durability. Ju Do jackets are ticker and reinforced more by the lapel because this is the area that Ju Do practitioners grab to take each other down. Ju Do pants are made with a drawstring waist and are lighter and thinner but it is reinforced in the knee because practitioners may find themselves fighting to get up from their knees. A Ju Do uniform set typically consists of a jacket, pants and a belt.