Products sold under the Practice equipment are intended for demonstration or display as a collection item only. Use and misuse of Martial Arts practice equipment involves serious risks, including injury, disability and death. Practice equipment are sold only for training under expert supervision, for demonstration of forms, collection or display. Inspect practice equipment before each use to ensure they are in proper condition. If any unsafe condition is observed, do not use the product. Do not use practice equipment for sparring or contact. Due to the natural flex and memory of the wood and rattan material, as well as natural characteristics like knots, some bowing may occur on various lengths and styles. All wooden product are for demonstration and practice only. Striking will damage and/or break.

By state laws, we are prohibited from selling selected nunchakus to select sates, especially CA, NY and MA. If prohibited nunchakus are purchased from one of these states, the item will be removed from the order.
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