Royal Sparring Gear Set

Royal Sparring Gear Set

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ROYAL HEADGEAR •This shock-reducing headgear is made of foam and is covered in durable vinyl. •It is designed to offer great coverage of the face and head. •An oversized foam padded vinyl strap covers the back of the head and is adjustable by Velcro. •The padded top and extra padding around the ears provide maximum protection. •Durable vinyl skin features diamond design.

ROYAL PUNCHES •These vinyl covered foam punches give your hands full coverage and protection. •Featuring a slot and finger loop on the exterior, giving you the option to expose your fingers. •The elastic band with Velcro allows for secure fit. •Durable vinyl skin features diamond design.

ROYAL KICKS •These kicks provide maximum protection for your feet and ankles. •It has an elastic strap on the bottom near the toes. •Features extra wide elastic band fastener to go around the ankle for more secure fit. •Made of 1/2” thick high quality foam covered in vinyl. •Durable vinyl skin features diamond design.

ROYAL SHIN/FOREARM GUARDS •These shin/forearm guards are made of 1/2” foam and are covered in soft durable vinyl. •They have a concave design to fit to the curve of the shin or forearm. •Featuring two elastic band loop fasteners for a secure fit. •Can be worn over or under the uniform. •Durable vinyl skin features diamond design.

MESH BAG •Air out and dry your gear after training in these convenient mesh bags! MEASURES 28” X 18”
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