Character  Gear Package!

Character Gear Package!

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Select this package with our exclusive Karate Panda, Dragon, Monkey or Tiger Head Gear, punches and kicks! Students will surely take notice of the adorable character!

Simple application of Karate Panda/Tiger! Place the animal on whichever area of the sparring gear you wish!

To apply your Karate Animal on your sparring equipment, place the plastic heat seal where you would like the panda placed. Apply heat with a hair dryer until you can see that the image is imposed onto your sparring gear. Remove plastic backing.

SWIFT FOAM HEADGEAR •Composed of 3/4” dipped foam. •Designed for maximum comfort & visibility.

SWIFT FOAM PUNCHES •Composed of 1/2” dipped foam. •Secures with wide hook and loop elastic band. •DBL foam coverage over knuckles for extra protection.

SWIFT FOAM KICKS •Composed of 1/2” dipped foam. •Full feet and ankle protection. •Wide elastic band fastener.

SINGLE MOUTH GUARD •These lightweight mouth guards are resilient and easy to mold to custom fit your teeth. •Made of 100% EVA. Latex Free. •Available in eight colors. Colors: Clear, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green Sizes: JR, SR

SINGLE MOUTH GUARD CASE •Store your single mouth guard to keep it safe and clean! Colors: Clear, Blue, Red, Black, Pink

BACKPACKS These multi-purpose backpacks are a favorite among kids! These bags have a drawstring closure at the top for convenience. Measures: 18.5"x15"
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